Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Wearables that you actually WANT to wear!

In 2014 we saw an influx of smart-fashion items, and 2015 is proving to be just as fond of them! However, eventhough a lot of these wearables are fabulous… there are also too many fashion faux pas.

So here’s findSimilar’s five fave fashion-tech pieces to help filter out the unwearables!

1) Kovert Designs  - ALTRUIS.

Hate being stuck to your smart-phone but then scared of missing something important? Enter ALTRUIS…

Subtle vibrations alert you for predefined text, email, call or whatsapp notifications from certain people or with specific keywords, so that you can cut out the noise and focus on the stuff that really matters.

Altruis ’empowers you to take a step away from your attention-seeking smartphone, whilst remaining subtly connected to the important bits’.
- Basically, it’s like pressing the ignore/mute button on your phone (yes we all do it!), but the jewellery does it for you! Providing us with a solution to notification nausea.

2. Michael Kors Lipstick Phone Charger!

This Michael Kors lipstick phone charger is a fantastic example of form meets function! It plugs easily into your phone for a quick and easy charge whenever, wherever.

It’s not only outrageously useful (I’m pretty sure we’ve all been caught out and about with no charge and lots to do), but it’s also perfectly compact to fit in the smallest of clutch bags, and to top it all off its so cute!

It’s currently out of stock (we can see why), but findSimilar can’t wait for this badboy to be back on the shelves!!

3) Rebecca Minkoff & Case-Mate

Techno-Fashionista Rebecca Minkoff’s collaboration with Case-Mate is at the forefront of combining Fashion with Technology. This lush line of luxurious & edgy wearables connects you to your phone and can charge it too!

“I designed the notification bracelet with the working professional woman in mind,”
- Minkoff

Minkoff’s lightning cable bracelet, connects to a USB cord and features a leather strap, studs, and a clasp that hides the fact that you can use this bracelet to charge and sync your phone on the go!

4) Caeden Headphones

We’re loving these white & rose gold headphones from Caden. They have created sophisticated technology that is truly wearable!

    - Whether it’s on your commute or at the gym, you can always be stylish!

And girls if you are worried about white accessories and makeup, then fear not… they come in a black too!

5) Last but definitely not least… The Mini-Clutch Speaker™

StellĂ© Audio’s Mini-Clutch Speaker effortlessly pairs with any Bluetooth®-enabled device, has a built-in speakerphone for hands-free calls, opens to reveal a mirror, has a pocket for daily essentials, can connect to non-Bluetooth devices via aux-in jack and if your phone is running out of battery, it can charge any USB enabled device!

The only question left to answer is what can’t it do?!

There you have it…these are findSimilar fave fashion-tech pieces of 2015.

& Lets not forget it’s only February, what stylish and tech-savvy pieces are still to come?