Friday, 22 August 2014

findSimilar Loves StyleBee

Have you ever dreamed of having professional stylists getting your hair and makeup done at any location, right before you heading off to an event? If the answer is a yes, then you definitely need to download this app called StyleBee. Target customers for StyleBee are busy professionals who aren’t necessarily able to schedule time to meet within the regular hours of traditional salons. Or for those who need a last-minute styling or blowout for an event, but don’t have enough time to schedule something last-minute.   

How does StyleBee work? Download it from App Store, open it and follow the instructions to sign up. Choose your preferred service browsing the categories range from blowout, updo, makeup to face painting, massage, and men’s cut. Then just tab the Book It button and type in when and where you would like to have the service. Finally just confirm your appointment on the following white screen. You can cancel the appointment when your plans change by following the rules.

StyleBee stylists will be selected for you based on your profile and the stylist’s proximity to you. They carefully select the professionals they work with and ensure that they are properly licensed. They only allow the most talented and professional artists to join their network so that you don’t have to worry about the quality of the results.

StyleBee is the Uber-for-beauty startup which now provides services in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Silicon Valley. You have a service now that is pretty much convenient for all your schedules and your style!

What awesome apps have you discovered lately?

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Trend Alert! Glitter Bomb

‘Glitter Bomb’ is the trend for Autumn Winter in cocktail dresses. Glam up your nights with glitter and sequins and to add even more pizazz, do it in rainbow! This trend takes a lot of confidence but it’s definitely fun. 

This trend follows through to Autumn/ winter so you can add a bit of sparkle to your wardrobe and keep it there. Because this is such an extravagant display of colour and sheen, anything goes! Layer your beads with sequins and sequins with glitter. Glitter tights are back and give you an excuse to dress up ‘disco style’ for your cocktail evenings. This might be our favourite trend of the season!

We've used findSimilar to search for gorgeous glittery fashion pieces - bring on Winter '14 so we can start rocking the look!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

findSimilar loves : StyleLend

In a fast-fashion consuming world, we are always buying new clothes, shoes and bags but until now there has been nowhere to be found to swap our used garments, even they are still as good as new. However, 'collaborative consumption marketplaces' have taken off in recent years to offer you solutions to your over-crowded closet. A bit like Airbnb for clothes, a new startup called Style Lend is going to be your lend-and-rent online services where you can list and rent items for a fraction of their original retail costs.

Style Lend is hugely convenient, and they offer assurances of the services which are added on top of simply lending and renting out the dresses. There are basically two levels of services; First level is a self-service process where the lender gets 70% of the rental cost by renting demand, and the fee is split in 50/50 way in which Style Lend carries out dry cleaning services before the items are returned to lender. The second level is an additional assurance, as lenders can pay $5 for one piece that will handle issues such as broken zippers, small stains and ripped fabric.

Style Lend has easy and simple-to-implement steps of instruction for both borrower and lender on mobile App and official website. This is perfect for modern ladies who love their dresses and want to keep them, which those dresses stay in the closet for almost 95% of the time!

So let's keep our closets revolving all year long and stop being getting frustrated with the piling up your clothes when we have Style Lend to swap them with other fashionistas!

Style Lend website:

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Steal her style: Chloe Moretz

Last week we saw Chloe Moretz looking absolutely fabulous in Valentino at the Teen Choice Awards and now we’re showing you how to steal her style! Her look was from the Resort 2015 collection and is perfect for a Summer to Autumn style transition. It was a 3 piece set with black and red embroidered short, jacket and a black bandeau. With such a bold outfit she went with a more neutral make up look with a subtle-yet-sultry smoky eye.

We love this outfit as it is so versatile and can be layered underneath to suit this unpredictable British weather! You can use findSimilar to take a snapshot of the outfit and find similar pieces to it to style it out in your own way. Here’s our style steal with some fab high street finds!

Download the Style Thief app to use findSimilar today.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Friday Focus : iWatch

Our Friday Focus is on the most talked about technology right now… The iWatch! The much awaited wearable tech will be available this Autumn but it’s causing much discussion about whether it’ll affect the luxury watch market. Some thoughts are that it may pose head on competition, whilst some believe it to be an opportunity. A designer iWatch? Yes please! 
The iWatch is already a great example of wearable tech and its growing popularity, but could be a potential catalyst in the growth of Fashion Technology as it becomes more appealing to the everyday consumer. If Apple could collaborate with designers then it could become a covetable fashion item. 

The current designs of the technology seem reserved and easy to wear, but we could be seeing these branch out into more fashionable designs for the technology loving fashionistas out there. The design is unobtrusive, which is important in getting wearable technology out there were other devices seem to struggle, like Google Glass. As we become more comfortable with the use of wearable tech in our everyday lives, we might see a development in these watches as they expand to suit a wider variety of consumers, but right now they are understated and oh so desirable!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Style Crush! Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev knocked it out of the park yet again in a vibrant Zuhair Murad mini dress at the Let's Be Cops premiere. Her brunette hair, radiant skin and sultry shape are enough for anyone with lengthy layers to be envious of.
We recently came across a collection of stunning pictures of Nina Dobrev rocking red carpets and street style snaps, and we found the look she favors for every occasions, on-screen and off.
In terms of hairstyle, she draws attention with her loose ponytail. This style allows for her outfit to take the spotlight, while still highlighting her beautiful features. This subtle look is young and fun and we just love how easy it is to achieve. She also looks fabulous in her classic side-parting look when she pushes one side back and leaves the other tumbling over the shoulder. This is the quintessential way to create an asymmetrical, short to long face-frame in long hairstyles. The shimmering light of the shiny chocolate brown color adds a sophisticated wow-factor. In terms of outfits, we always spot her wearing a hat, jeans and t-shirt for a street-causal look. For red-carpet nights, she usually picks up a bright one-piece dress, which shows off her gorgeous body shape.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Top Trend Alert! Crop Tops

That 90's look is back,  check out those ruffled bandeaus, bra tops and corsets paired with high-waisted skirts and trousers! We are LOVING IT.

Coming from Madona’s “Lucky Star” video and “SpiceGirls” days, crop tops are back in Vogue. So make gym visits your routine, as there is some skin showing involved!!

You can pair a top with high-waisted skirt for feminine and provocative look; with shorts to go for a relaxed beachwear summertime fun. It can certainly double as a sporty outfit paired with pants or leggings or bohemian look with a long skirt.
Some celebrities rocked tops even while being pregnant, for example Mila Kunis and Kourtney Kardashian. Mix and match, find your way to wear a crop top - you can be search for different crop tops and search for fashion inspiration using our findSimilar software on apps such as Style Thief!

We’ve used findSimilar to shop the crop top trend – check out the results - affordable prices but runway looks!

Joa White Crop Top – 50$
Re:Named Floral print bandeau Top – 33.50$
Clover Canyon Santorini Striped One – 176$
Lioda Yellow panel crop – 32.38$

What's your favourite way to rock the crop top?