Hands up if you’ve ever had serious outfit envy of someone walking down the street, wishing you could steal their style, only to find that it’s a vintage piece from the 80s, or she got it from a Reiss sample sale last year? Or how about swooning over Rosie Huntingdon Whiteley’s dress from the Met Gala only to discover that it’s a £10,000 Balmain creation that you’ll never be able to afford?

Well, we are thanking the fashion gods because findSimilar is this totally cool software which enables you to shop any look just by taking a picture; the software finds similar items or even the exact one and you can shop the whole look in just a few clicks. 

Ladies – the future of shopping is here! This super cool software was created at the Imperial College from a team of computer scientists, with more PHDs than we have handbags, and has been called Shazam for Fashion.
How can we use it? Well, the software has been implemented in a new app, Style Thief. Launched by actress Kate Bosworth, Style Thief lets you snap a photo, do a search for a fashion item, and buy it. Their tag line ‘Snap & Steal’ taps into the popularity of street style, as well our addiction for taking photos on our phones and shopping online.

The best part is, the findSimilar software can be used to get inspiration from everywhere. Your favourite painting? That retro wallpaper? Using tech that mimics how our human eyes recognize patterns, the software finds clothes and accessories inspired by anything at all.

So what are you waiting for, the future of shopping is here – so get snapping!