The Tech

findSimilar is a sophisticated Visual Search technology created by a UK company called Cortexica. The software makes images shopable. By uploading any image to findSimilar, you will be shown fashion items that are either the same, or similar.

How does it work?
It's easy. You just take a photo, the photo is then compared to a huge database of fashion items that we store in the cloud, and then the most similar items are returned to you. You can then buy the items.

How can I use it?
findSimilar is a software which is available for app builders and retailers. You can try it out in various ways. Firstly, the Style Thief app which uses our software - download it free on the app store.

Secondly, you can use the software to browse the databases of Zalando, and Macy's by downloading their Image Search Apps.

The Techy Bit
The software behind the application is a product of years of Bio-Inspired research at Imperial College in London. Cortexica’s visual search software mimics the way the visual cortex within a human brain interprets images that we see every day. This makes recognition much more robust to real life conditions as it tolerates bright or poor lighting, rotations, small image size and quality, often a problem when taking a picture with a mobile camera. By searching for products based on shape as well as colour, texture and pattern, the software leverages sophisticated algorithms and is recognized as the most accurate system in the market today.

Want to know more?
Further information is available on the Cortexica website, here.