Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Bodi.Me : The Solution to Vanity Sizing

Sizing has created hours upon hours of hair- pulling stress for females today. With one shop plainly slapping you in the face with a size 10 compared to next door kindly presenting you with a giftly size 8. We wonder why all shops can’t be the same, saving us a lot of disappointment and return postage fee.

Otherwise known as the problem of the 21st century for the average female, sizing continues to fluctuate at an uncontrollable rate. Since the slimming seventies, sizes 6 and 8 were beyond rare and your typical modern 12 was a well- suited 14. With an increasingly weight gaining population, it was never questioned why as we got bigger our sizes remained the same. Recent studies have shown that smaller sizing is a new form of measurement for self-worth, all the more easy to snap out your credit card and buy those size 8 jeans, truly knowing your inner size 10.  This hard evidence has been taken into consideration by numerous retailers to manipulate their sizing chart for a wider (both senses of the word) and happier audience.  Whilst classic fashion outlets such as Marks&Spencers, Zara and Mango stay true to seventies sizing, they lose out on sales due to forcing the unwanted truth on their customers.

So what? Its’ the question on everyones’ lips. Well, whilst the deflating of sizing may make you feel temporarily happy, it is causing smaller framed women to be outsized by clothes – introducing the worlds first ever “Triple Zero”. Secondly, it allows variation between shops, causing online shopping to be virtually impossible.

Bodi.me has now put an end to Vanity Sizing overall. An online log of all your exact measurements in one place giving you the right size for the right shop. Its as quick as standing in front of your web scan right now for a full body scan to booking the portable booth to a facility near you.  This can be updated whenever you feel necessary, (we feel that after Christmas may have to be pencilled in) allowing you to know your exact measurements, handy for a tailor and your own size unique to the high street.

Bodi.Me offered a free 3D body scan at the London Technology Week June event - guests were scanned and then sent their measurements for each retailer. If you missed out, you can do it at home using your webcam.

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