Thursday, 17 July 2014

Couture Fashion Week 2014

Haute Couture has been the pinnacle of Parisian fashion since the 19th Century, and whilst the clothing may be exclusive to the rich and famous, the looks and styles are not. So what makes this label the most limited in the industry?

Translating to “High Dressmaking” in French, Couture is is the most supreme quality of clothing shown on runway throughout the whole fashion calendar. Each designer has to go through vigurous training and tests, all the while under scrutiny of the Chambre Syndicale- a panel containing 18 members from the most renowned fashion houses in the industry.

Once a designer gains Haute Couture status, they must adhere to strict rules in order to show their creations. No sewing machine is allowed, each outfit will have taken 100 - 400 hours to create, and only the most skilled Atelier’s would be able to accomplish the complexity required. All this adds up to an equally ‘Haute’ price tag, an average dress can cost between £20,000 to £100,000.

We’ve picked out 5 dazzling trends from Couture Fashion Week 2014

Matrix : We knew the 90's were back, but didn't expect to see these fierce ladies wearing full leather Jackets and gloves.

 Ladies in Red : A constant colour seen throughout the week, the ultimate shade of Glamour. 

 Avant Garde : The best of the weird and wonderful, we love the mixture of colours. 

Trapeze Please : Yves Saint Laurent's shape gets relived, we're thinking cute cocktail dresses.

Bridal : Preferably pregnant in Karl Lagerfeld's eyes, these are the wedding dresses we've been DREAMING of. 

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