Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Sporting the Trend with findSimilar


Sportswear has taken the fashion world by storm in the past decade. From trainers being made for fashion wear rather than their original purpose (which is what again?)  to Nike logos inco-operated into high fashion runway designs.  It’s pretty clear that tomboy style is coming back in more ways than one.  

The ‘Sports Luxe’ trend has definitely been a hit on street style, globally. The physical trend is now being seen as much as it is on males to females thanks to a certain Karl Lagerfeld SS14! Londoners are certainly showing us that you can, in fact, have both comfort and fashion.

Even Net-a-Porter has created a frenzy in the sporting world with their new clothing line – ‘Net – a – Sporter.’ We absolutely love it and can’t wait to be jumping on board on July 9th!  Of course, going to the gym will be no catwalk but at least we can feel the part!

With such high fashion exposure, findSimilar are sure this trend won’t be fading out anytime soon.  So, here are some outfit inspired looks findSimilar have come up with.

How would you use findSimilar to ‘sport’ your new look?

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