Thursday, 24 July 2014

Fashtech launches in New York!

Here at findSimilar HQ, you may know that we are proud to sponsor the FashTech events which currently run in London and San Franciso, and now we are super exicted to announce that we will be joining them as they head over to the Big Apple! So we decided to take a look back over the history of New York fashion and why it is today titled the Top global fashion Capital of the world.
America’s fashion scene was pretty un-exciting in the early 1900’s, with Paris dominating fashion through it’s romantic Parisian style and Charles Worth’s influences to make dressmaking an art with the unique creation of Haute Couture. 
The designers that followed suit through Paris such as Paul Poirot and Chanel led to revolutionize the way fashion was perceived, it was no longer a private affair tied to wealthy clients but a showcase to be shared and sought after by the whole world. Catwalks were invented, designers were empowered and publications such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar began to promote the aspirational attire of the French. 
  This all changed In the 1940’s, as World War 2 had a dramatic effect on Paris’s influence over fashion. Houses that were still operating drew disapproval from the public, as fabrics were being heavily rationed and there was no place for the luxurious and superfluous world of dress-making in the Allied Countries. 
The fashion industry looked to New York to continue operating and the American Look was born.
American styles were praised as being “modern, streamlined and flattering,” they made use of fabrics not in demand by the war effort and “War Wise” dressing became a fashion trend.
New York fashion week’s first calendar was created by Ruth Finely in 1944, who compiled all of the week’s events into one comprehensive guide. This was essential to bring together the fashion and beauty industries, including buyers, manufacturers, designers and editors. But there was still the problem of where the event should take place. 
With sponsorship secured by a number of companies, including Mercedes-benz, the original venue in Bryant Park held the Fashion Week, under a series of large white tents. “The Bryant Park shows forever changed the fashion industry,” designer Tommy Hilfiger told Time. “They united designers in an unparalleled situation.”
Today “The tents” are located uptown in Lincoln Centre, with more room to accommodate new generations of designers, trying to break through on fashions most watched stages.

We can’t wait to join FashTech in NYC - and if you are a fashion tech start up based either in London, San Francisco, or New York, then get involved!

Follow them on Twitter, @FashTechLDN @FashTechSF and @FashTechNYC to find out more.

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