Wednesday 9 July 2014

Martin Peniak for TEDxBratislava - Achieving Dreams through higher education.

One of our Cortexica researchers Martin Peniak was invited to speak at TEDx Bratislava, to talk about his astonishing journey from working in a fish processing factory to completing a PHD in Cognitive Robotics in Plymouth. Today Martin has undertaken a number of projects, innovating the approach to artificial intelligence and more recently experimenting on the iCUB humanoid robot allowing it to acquire complex motoric actions and simple language.

Martin traveled to England from Slovakia, a 19 year old with passions for astronomy, electronics and photography. He spent his first night in Plymouth taking shelter in a bus stop but soon managed to land a job working in a fish factory- even though he was Vegetarian. After a chance meeting with Professor Simon Davies, from the school of Biomedical and Biological Sciences, Martin was determined to enroll in higher education.

In the talk Martin emphasized the importance of perseverance, motivation and hard work needed to achieve your dreams. Something he is sure to have mastered, as he attended university throughout the day and then worked till the early hours of the morning to fund his studies. Martin was awarded the Revel Research award for best student on the programme nonetheless and continued onward to complete his phD.

If you wish to hear about the exciting developments that are happening in the world of robotics and electronic engineering, or see why Martin received a standing ovation from over 700 people, then be sure to check out Martin Peniak’s TEDx talk which will be available in the next month. 

At Cortexica we strive to work with some of the countries leading researchers, Martin is currently working here at Imperial College breaking the boundaries for research within image recognition visual search. You can follow Martin on twitter @mpeniak

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